$20.00 USD
WordPress Plugin Installation
Wordpress plugins can help you achieve new or modified functionality within wordpress. We can help in selecting and installing the most reliable and appropriate WordPress plugins that completely meet your requirements.
We will upgrade and test a WordPress plugin so that your site and plugin work after installation.
$20.00 USD
WordPress Update - Current
We can assist with WordPress issued core file and security updates.
Get the core WordPress code upgraded to the latest version if you are currently using the most recent previous version.
$50.00 USD
WordPress Update < 3
Get the core WordPress code upgraded to the latest version if you are 3 or less versions behind.
$100.00 USD
WordPress Update > 3
Get the core WordPress code upgraded to the latest version if you are more than 3 versions behind.
$99.00 USD
WordPress SEO Basic
Make your website or blog search engine friendly to get more visitors. That includes

  • Creating SE-friendly link structure

  • Inserting the main ping services

  • More powerful SEO is available in Premium and Advanced
    WordPress SEO Packages

$399.00 USD
WordPress SEO Premium
for WordPress including

This will include

Installation and Configuration of the most useful & efficient SEO plugins

  • Plugin to provide each post & page with meta keywords (lets
    you easily enter & edit meta information)

  • Tags plugin that enables you to create tag cloud and get
    similar posts functionality

  • Google XML Sitemap creation with auto update functionality

  • Image SEO Optimization

  • Convenient Sitemap for users

  • Creating Links SEO structure

  • Optimizing your Titles for SEO

  • Optimizing the More tag text

  • Creating Breadcrumbs

  • Optimizing the Blog Headings

  • Inserting the main ping services

$299.00 USD
WordPress Installation - High Security
WordPress Security Hardened Install

  • This package includes a security hardened install only,
    keeping in line with many secure WordPress install best practices. There
    is no such thing as a 100% secure site and I cant guarantee the security
    of your site. We aim to lower the probability of any hack attempt and make
    it as difficult as possible for your site to be hacked.

  • No design is included in the install package. (sold seperately)

  • No content/blogposts are included in the install

  • No hosting included with this package (sold seperately)

Get your WordPress install with all the above power-packed features now

$99.00 USD
WordPress Installation - Standard
Standard Installation, setup and testing of WordPress Installation
$299.00 USD
WordPress Theme Installation
Assistance selecting one of thousands of free WordPress themes, installing it, and customizing
* Logos inserting your logo
* External widgets
* Fonts and colors

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