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The small size of a business card may fool most people into dismissing its effectiveness. Your business card can be one of the most cost-effective and efficient method of marketing and packs a large punch in a small amount of space. The smaller size actually benefits you, as it allows for carrying tiny billboards in your pocket. If your mini-billboards are professionally designed and properly utilized, they can be an extremely profitable marketing tool.

Professional Business Marketing Materials imageUsing business cards can be extremely advantageous for bringing in future sales and referrals to your business. A contact of a friend or client might be doing something at work that needs a service or product similar to what you provide, and what better place for that person to easily access your contact information than your business card? Using professionally designed business cards can be one of the most efficient and effective marketing strategies for you and your business.

Marketing Materials - Your Visual Identity

When competing with other businesses in the marketplace, your strongest weapon is your visual identity. The customer’s first impression of your business is based solely on the visual identity, which means that it is critical to make that impression unforgettable. All marketing materials are visual; a business card, a brochure, a flyer, an advertisement, a media clip or a web site are all visual marketing materials. Each one should be designed to represent your business to the customer. But beyond that, all of your marketing items should be viewed together as part of a larger marketing strategy that provides your business with a strong, cohesive image or brand. The goal is for the potential customer or client to immediately recognize your business as the only possible choice for their particular need, or to bring your business to mind when they do have the need for your product or service.

People are visual beings. We are constantly viewing the things around us, and making judgments based on what we see. We are influenced, by our interpretation of our visual surroundings. As a business, it is extremely important that your visual identity be one that your potential customers find appealing..

Marketing Materials - Combining the Visual Image with the Key Message

The proper integration of imagery and message in your company's marketing campaign can reap immense rewards, such as increased buyer confidence, and increased sales. A business creates and sustains a powerful image when all the pieces fit together to form a complete marketing package. Remember, everything you give a potential customer says something about you and your business. Your business card, brochure and web site delivers a message about your business to your current or potential client. . Imagine how much more powerful that message would be if it was unified across all of your marketing fronts. That is the key to a strong visual identity.

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